June 2019 new item collection,6?page=1


It's our monthly new item report of June.

This month we have collected a variety of products , including crankshaft tools, exhaust system tools, transmission gear systems tools, truck jacks, even come out a new contents of brake caliper set, etc. Please check the link, Hinode tools website :

For news, we just came back from our annual company trip to Korea. The team and the their family had a great time during the last 5 days.


Furthermore, we will have a national holiday on 7th June, to celebrate our Dragon Boat Festival.

On this day, we memorized the great sacrifice of our ancestors by have the dragon boat contest, and wrapping the traditional rice cake. Also, we will play a little trick call "Egg standing", who ever makes the egg stands will have a good fortune for the rest of the year.